Advantages of Botox Injections

“Expression” wrinkles are often the first wrinkles to appear on the face, and they can appear early, as early as 25 years of age. These wrinkles are the result of facial movements that are unavoidable. Each face has more than fifty muscles, some of which are used daily: these muscles eventually deform the skin and ultimately the fibers of the face are weakened. The result: your skin does not return to its “smooth” state when the expression or movement ceases, the wrinkles persist and become more and more hollow. Because of this, many people turn to botox and facial injections.

Wrinkles are most defined where?

The forehead

Between the eyebrows: the glabella, commonly called the lion’s wrinkle, which is formed by frowning, giving you a stern look

Around the eyes: crow’s feet or periorbital wrinkles

Around the mouth

A person’s face is marked by these wrinkles, all of which provide an aged and tired look.

The answer? Botox


Botox, also known as the botulinum toxin, is an anti-aging treatment that destroys the effects of wrinkles (for a short time). This purified and synthesized molecule is injected into the muscles at timed-minute doses. These muscles are responsible for the movements of the face and botox in long island allows people to limit their contractions. Ultimately, wrinkles diminish and may even disappear. It is a safe product, practically, since the molecule is purified. This means that any side effects are extremely rare. The results are visible a few days after the injections, the time that it takes for the botox in long island to work. Botox can be coupled with filling techniques such as hyaluronic acid injections for deep wrinkles: a tensor effect is then combined with a filling effect, which provides a complete anti-aging treatment.


Injections are fast. There is no need for anesthesia or incisions, and there should be no pain during or after the procedure. There are no visible side effects, which means people can walk out of their physician’s office knowing that most people cannot determine what was done in said office. However, there are ways to overuse botox in long island. Many celebrities and rich folk go a little too far with the procedure, and this can cause major problems down the road. There is also a possibility that a slight ecchymosis can appear at the injection site(s), but these disappear in a few days and can easily be disguised. The effects of Botox are totally reversible.

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